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SHERLOC celebrates its first annual meeting

SHERLOC celebrates its first annual meeting
On 21st and 22nd September, Hellenic Aerospace Industry hosted the first annual review meeting of CleanSky2’s EU funded project: SHERLOC, to which all the members of the consortium attended.


This was the perfect opportunity to review and put together progress achieved by all entities, as well as to discuss future actions and further work of the project.


The overall objective of SHERLOC is to combine advanced Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) and smart repair technologies with a probabilistic design philosophy, and hence to develop new maintenance concepts to reduce the direct operative costs without lowering the operational safety of a composite fuselage, this is expected to be overcome by mid 2022.

During the two-days meeting, important points for the project development were reviewed such as coupon tests manufacturing status or SHM technologies development status.


This meeting is the second consortium meeting after kick-off which will be succeed by several others taking place every six months. Next meeting will be hosted by TEAMS at Seville in March 2017.


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