R&D+i Activities

R&D+i Activities

R&D+i area is one of TEAMS key actors that pursues an increment at innovation that stimulates evolution ability, technological possibilities increase and thus, ensuring a future economic growth. It was also born as an aspiration for growth in terms of cooperation and long-term relationships with companies and research entities in diverse sectors, what on the long run contributes to enrich substantially company know-how and maturity level.


Technological development is concerned with the creation of knowledge and skills that aim to solve practical problems using state-of-the-art techniques. To do so, results of applied science research are used together with application-oriented knowledge and practical experience. The objective is the creation and feeding of technological potential and core competences benefits that allow direct practical applications.

R&D+i Activities


TEAMS definition is explicitly innovative itself. From the beginning in 2006, it has looked for positioning in those technological markets in which it has had participation through adding value to testing activities, it is considered an essential task whom importance and inherent benefits is well acquainted by the company.


One of TEAMS’s R&D+i group main objectives is to serve as support for research in industry by testing. Thus the solutions reached in research projects are tested with the purpose of increasing technology readiness levels achieved by means of experimental validation and also providing consequent feedback to assess correspondence of theoretical data obtained from previous research activities with experimental results.


For that, TEAMS offers an extra wide variety of testing specialties and technologies always oriented towards leading technology materials and structures, forming an entity in continuous change that is not only evolving at the same time than the state of the art techniques but being a fundamental part of it.


Special mention to the existing collaboration in most of our projects with the University of Seville through Andalusian Association for Research and Industrial Cooperation (AICIA), especially with the Group of Strengh and Elasticity of Materials (GERM), which actively participates in numeric simulation, structural calculus and analitical mechanical properties of materials research activities.


As added value to all research, development and innovation task performed, the company has an internal innovation promotion program which allows the organization to acquire a continuous enhancement on its processes and productive activities and also allows employees to improve their skills at the same time than totally identifying themselves with the company strategy.


Dissemination channels also occupy a special position in R&D+i department, in which the company publishes its achievements, innovations and important completed tasks. These are conferences, congresses, technical visits organized for responsibility entities in the sector industry, science and technology magazines publications, dissemination events and online distribution channels such as press releases, promotional videos or periodically updated contents on technology associated social networks.